Psychotherapeutic insights: The Hero Journey    

The Hero’s Journey is made of 12 steps, in three essential stages that involves a hero who goes on an adventure, learns lesson, fights battles and and gains  newfound knowledge that transforms them. I use the Hero’s Journey to guide you in your journey in our work together, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapeutic insights are used at every step of the journey, unlocking your unconscious potential so that you can successfully embark on your journey with guidance at all stages.


It all begins, like all our stories, at the beginning. Life is ticking along, but with an inner sense of unease or dissatisfaction. Here I support you in identifying that unease, and we work together to discover what it is you want to change.


There is a deep, often unsaid, but felt urge for change which becomes stronger, We will explore the feelings and events that got you to this point and begin work on your journey.


It is often not the first time the Hero has heard their call, and often there is a refusal at this point, perhaps indecision, doubt, or self-belief.  I work with you on any unhelpful thoughts and or beliefs that may hold you back.



The Hero encounters or remembers someone that inspires their way forward on the journey. Together we will identify your mentor(s), who maybe someone real from the past, present, or even imagined.


Often this involves a figurative door, a transition point between the world known now and the other unknown world. I support you in making that step over the threshold, managing any stress, anxiety, for other emotions that often accompany this stage.


A range of challenges and internal obstacles, such as worry or doubt, or things in the external obstacles. Identifying how to overcome these pivotal junctions is explored, managed and overcome at this stage.


A transformation point occurs here, with preparation for the next step and assimilation of what has been achieved. I support you in managing and adapting to this change alongside work on resilience.


Here further challenges are faced and overcome, you have collated all the necessary resources needed and i support in enabling you to understand how you can use your new strengths to continue moving forward.


A point is reached where you have achieved what you want. However, often at this stage, there is a conflict that needs to be resolved between the physical goal, what you have, and the inner satisfaction that suggests it is not quite enough or not what is expected. I work with you here to reconcile any conflict resolution that has arisen to enable ownership and integration of all the parts of you that have changed along the paths taken.


At this point is about the Hero’s response to the reward: what will     you do with it? We explore and identify what impact it has on you, who you are in the bigger picture, and how you want to assert yourself in the world.


 The final challenge for the Hero, who has been transformed, is often difficult as the battle is within the self. Co-creation of your story has led you here, and now, transformed, we work to assimilate your newfound self and how you will proceed in the world, retaining your change.


 The journey’s conclusion entails an ending, but in many ways, it is only the beginning of another journey. You return to the ordinary world but transformed, aligned with who you are and with a new purpose. We complete this stage by identifying what imprint and impact you want to leave in the world and how you might do this.

‘The journey of the hero is about the courage to seek the depths; the image of creative rebirth; the eternal cycle of change within us; the uncanny discovery that the seeker is the mystery which the seeker seeks to know.’  Joseph Campbell.

We are on many inner  journeys all the time, we are just not consciously that we are.

The chances are that you have been many hero journeys before. You are on one now at least one. Every book you have ever read or film you have ever seen, each would also have followed the universal plot of the hero journey. Imagine being aware of your journey. Taking full agency to prepare and face each phase with courage and determination. Are you ready for your unique ventrue into your own concsious hero journey? 

Hypnotherapy to get you to where you want to be. 

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