The origin of the word archetype means “original imprint or mould.” An archetype is recurring pattern of human behaviour. Identified like the origin of the Hero’s Journey, by Carl Jung, who noticed that people and their life journeys are characterised by reoccurring patterns, common to all cultures and all times. Jung Identified common what we might call characters, that reside within our unconscious.

Consciously choosing the right archetype for each chapter in our life story can create a more fulfilling, successful life, where we use our archetypes instead of being controlled by them. We all have our own dominant archetypes active at any period, which can influence your narrative, the way you live and  decisions you make.

I use Carol Pearson archetype assessment, (PMAI) a psychometric tool, devised upon Jung’s ideas. A simple questionnaire completed online that identifies your strongest most prevalent archetypes, onto your mid-range and least accessed archetypes. The PMAI® (Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator®) is the world’s first scientifically validated archetype assessment tool, and it opens a window into the patterns of our unconscious stories and provides a path to self-understanding by identifying our strongest, mid range and neglected archetypes, from 12 of the most common that reside in us all.

As our experiences are filtered through the attitudes, beliefs, values, and motivations of the same archetypal characters over and over, it maybe that  these characters are typically our high scoring archetypes and the PMAI system guides you to leverage their power, to access other archetypes that may be neglected as well as mid-range archetypes , and to know the value of your lowest archetypes.


Nurturer, Humanitarian

The Caregiver archetype enjoys helping and nurturing others and finds fulfilment in this. You have an instinctual understanding for the needs of others and are quick to help out. Generous with your times and efforts and taking on responsibility as needed with ease.  


Soldier, Advocate, Competitor

The Warrior archetype, sets and meets goals, driven by their mission. Challenges and obstacles are met with effort and persistence, as you enjoy the competitive nature of reaching your target for yourself and or for others.


Explorer, Wanderer, Pioneer

The Seeker archetype is driven in a search to find themself. Future orientated and adaptable to new ideas and goals, relishing adventure and the unknown, in your quest for personal growth and exploration.


Peacemaker, Companion, Romantic

The drive of an active Lover archetype is connection and relationships. Very passionate with other people and ideas and activites. Led by your heart and choosing activities, jobs, possessions and relationships that lend emotional connection to your life.


Investigator, Teacher, Expert

The Sage archetype is full of curiosity and will seek varied topics to pursue life as a learning process. The Sage tends to be calm and unruffled, seeking to understand situations to then educate or advise others.


Entertainer, Trickster

For an active Jester archetype, humour and joy in living is the primary area of concern. Often the Jester archetype will enable you to identify the fun side of life and the ironic inconsistencies that arise, always with a sense of frivolity and light heartedness, with a focus on enjoyment and fun for yourself and others.


Innocent, Optimist, Dreamer

The Idealist archetype has a basic trust in life an eternal optimist with a positive attitude. Strong values keep the innocent anchored in their world view and remain trusting and open to others.


Regular, Every person

Living with an active Realist archetype in your life, your concern is on being practical and doing what works.  You enjoy being around unpretentious, open and transparent people. To avoid disappointment, you are firmly planted in reality and deter from dreams and activities where you feel you are not in control of the outcome.



The Revolutionary archetype is a non-conformist that enjoys challenges, and to challenge, full of courage and ready to change for self-improvement and to make things better, disregarding old patterns of thought or behaviour and ready to make a change.


Artist, Inventor, Innovator

The Creator archetype is imaginative and enjoys exploring new options and possibilities. The creator enjoys thinking out of the box and may use lots of creative expressions to think up and convey new ideas.  


King/Queen, Boss, Autocrat

The Ruler archetype is naturally attracted to power and directs their power to achieve goals, keep order, and promote enterprise. They have a keen sense of group dynamics and will gravitate to strong influential others. The Ruler enjoys responsibility and being in control of projects.


Alchemist, Visionary, Healer

An active Magician archetype recognizes and understands the bigger picture and patterns at play regarding other people, ideas and events and can piece together meaningful connections. The Magician is aware of the importance of small changes and the ripple effects that these changes have on wider circumstances.

‘Archetype, is a figure (…) that constantly recurs in the course of history In each there is a little piece of human psychology and human fate, a remnant of the joys and sorrows that have been repeated countless times in our ancestral history’. Carl Jung.

We all have our masks we present to the world. 

Wether it’s for work, with an acquaintance, a close friend, or a stranger, we all have our persona’s. That part of ourselves that we present to others, like a mask.  Is there a gap between who you feel you are and who you want to be or present as? Or perhaps  you feel your repeating patterns that no longer serve you? It may be that you have a particularly strong archetype working at an unconscious level. With archetypal assessment you can start to understand what is behind the mask, leverage the best parts of you at any period for varying situations.   

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